La mia storia

Born on September 12th 1993 in Fiesole, the famous Etrurian town overlooking Florence, I soon had to kiss Florence good bye since I transferred North to Arese, greater Milan area, with my family.

My love for acting emerged very early in my life; it was my mother who actually recognized my natural talent in mimesis observing that, at the age of four, I knew commercials, Disney’s cartoons, comedians sketches by heart; my favorite toy was Lego and role playing games.  So, encouraged by my mother,  at the age of seven I joined a theater course held by Francesca Paganini, an experienced actress well known for her long lasting cooperation with l’Albero Azzurro tv project. Needless to say, as soon as I got on a real stage I realized I’d found a place where I could express all my dreams and my needs.  Anything was possible on stage and I immensely enjoyed myself.

Talking about my scholastic endeavor most significant step was at the age of eight when I was diagnosed dyslexia, involving both dyscalculia and dysgraphia, not severe but enough to cause me trouble with the scholastic institution.  Same diagnosis applied to my brother so, dyslexia being genetically inherited, we discovered it had been a kind present from our mother.

So my primary school years recollection, although I had a lot of playful time with my few but good friends,  is that of an educational disaster: in five primary school years I hadn’t learned the multiplication tables, I couldn’t work out division or complex multiplications,  I wasn’t able to read an analogic  wrist watch or recite the months of the year sequence.  If I had any idea at all of the consecutio temporum and I could speak and write in a decent manner I owed it to my Tuscany origins, my mother again. 

But not all was lost, and thanks to some support teachers and particularly my very special teacher Diana, I was able to make through primary and, even harder to believe, secondary school.  Meanwhile, confident of my own talents,  I never ceased to carry on my passion for acting ever since I was seven years old. I finally grew into high school level when thigs definitely changed….  for the best.  In those days I became a follower of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism and I had many beneficial effects in my personal life.   I finally had an enlightening encounter with a professor who inspired us in the study and application of mathematics, allowing me to understand its principles and appreciate what I had been left out of till then.  He was able to infuse us a deep passionate desire to learn not only math but life in general; a curiosity and craving for knowledge that I didn’t know I possessed.

I had chosen the linguistic course of academic career and with intense efforts I overcame the initial difficulties turning those five years into a very pleasant and rewarding experience.  I was among the top alumni in my class and what’s amazing to me is the fact that I was good at those subjects most difficult for me such as German and Spanish;  I discovered that, thanks to my ability to imitate, I was able to develop a real strong affinity with languages and their magic sound.   In those years I had  the opportunity to spend three months in US, California, at my uncle’s house to improve my English and I was in Germany as well for various periods to  work on my German.  Visiting countries was a joyful and enlightening experience and I was fortunate to be able to travel to Spain, France, Egypt, Tunisia ….    A definite kick for my languages skills and for my experience of people and life in general.

I graduated from high school (2012) with a good grade point average, the knowledge of three languages, the S. Barchi  “best theatre young newcomer actor” award for two years in a row during the theatre international festival promoted by Etoyle.  Finally my school ITCS Primo Levi awarded me a special prize  for my endeavors in promoting and supporting the in house  “dyslexia counseling desk”.

At this stage, I had a pretty good idea about my academic career and I contacted most major national theatre academies to enlist for the admission test.  I also contacted Eutheca, a recently founded theatre academy based in Rome and affiliated to a Europen project involving the University of Wales.  I went thru the admission test to the three years career for Bachelor in Arts – Acting and passed it. I was in.  What a marvelous experience the academy years have been in the company of my colleagues and friends.  I studied under the guidance and supervision of such tutors as massimilano Cutrera (biomechanics - and fencing), Enzo Aronica (screenplay acting), Alfredo Colombaioni (clownerie – acrobatic) Riccardo Barbera (microphone techniques), Craig Perez (acting).  In those years I also met Eugenio Barba, founder of the Odin Tatret, and cooperated with students from the pace University of NY.  I was part of many and varied stage performances thru those three years classic theater, commedia dell’arte, musical…  At the end of the three year academic career (2015), I wrote and staged a monologue as my grad thesis under the artistic supervision of my professor Giancarlo Fares  (Sepe alumni).  The monologue is titled “Dislessia …. Dove Sei Albert?” (DSA) and it is focused on dyslexia.      It is my first complete work in which I strongly believe and I therefore wanted to make it a starting point. I proposed my work to the father of dyslexia in Italy, founder of AID (Associazione Italiana Dislessia) and SOS Dislessia, the dr. Neurologist Prof. Giacomo Stella.  Giacomo has been enthusiastic about my work and on September 23rd , 2015 we started with the first date of a joint tour  thru Italy, promoted by SOS Dislessia,  aimed at arousing interest and insight on dyslexia, in which my monologue is a prime element. 

I deeply believe in everything I do sustained by my faith in myself and my fellows, a true passion for creating value thru the art of  acting and a good measure of self-irony.