Name: Francesco Riva

Born in: Fiesole (FI)

Date: 12 september 1993

Hight: 185 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown


2016 "Mothers" directed by Liana Marabini - Condor Pictures with Christopher Lambert and Remo Gironi

2015 short film "La partitella" director Enzo Aronica - Eutheca production 


2015/16 DiSlessiA...Dove Sei Albert? 

national tour of the theatrical monologue about dyslexia with Francesco Riva

2016 stand up commedian Zelig lab in viale
Monza 140, Milano with Federico Basso, Davide Paniate e Giancarlo Bozzo       
2014 Victor victoria musical by Blake Edwards
Director Alessandra Bianca Ara
2014 The merchant of Venice, W. Shakespeare.
Director Federica Tatulli
2014 The venecian night, A. De Mussiet
Director Federica Tatulli
2014 Il gioco dell'epidemia, Eugène Ionesco.
Director di Giancarlo Fares
2014 Les acteurs de bonne foi, Pierre-Carlet de Marivaux.
Director Ian Sutton
2012 Umido e vento, written and directed by Paola Manfredi
(with Dario Villa)


Italian, mothertoungue
English, fluent
German, good
Spanish, good


Sing tenor (controtenore)  Sol 1 (G1) – La 4 (A4)
modern dance school level
Tip-tap school l.
Balli di coppia walzer-tango-swing
acrobatic technique school l.
stage combact school l.
piano school l.
organ school l.
horse raiding
guns shooting



three years course BA (Bachelor of Arts) in acting awarded by the University of Wales, at Eutheca (European Union Academy of Theatre and Cinema) in Rome

workshop with NY Pace University (Actor Studios) with Cosmin Chivu and Grant Kretchik

radio broadcasting and  speech class with Riccardo Barbera and Enzo Aronica

singing class with Angela Bucci

Commedia dell’arte and stage combat class with con Enzo Aronica and Massimiliano Cutrera

acting class with Federica Tatulli

workshop with Carlo Ragone

workshop with Ulderico Pesce

workshop with Andrea Sartoretti

acrobatic techniques and clouwnerie with Alfredo Colombaioni

stagecraft with Giancarlo Fares

workshop with Eugenio Barba

workshop with Odin Teatret company with Julia Varley

stagecraft with Ian Sutton,

show business with Mina Di Lecce

musical & theatre with Elizabeth Bolognini and Angela Bucci

workshop linklater voce technique with Antonella Voce

movement class with Domenico Cucinotta

living theatre techniques improvisation with Craig Peritz

workshop with Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Jan Ferslev, Kai Bredholt  (“ODIN TEATRET”)

workshop with Michele Riondino


non-professional theatre company “Le carte bollate” presso l’ITCS Primo  Levi


drama class for kidsFrancesca Paganini

Prize and awards

March 2012

prize “Salvatore Barchi, young promise of theatre”

prize “Etoile”

with the play “Tutti in un punto” directed by Enzo Biscardi and loosely based on “Le cosmicominche” by I. Calvino

international festival “Teatrolab”

Novellara Emilia Romagna (ITA)

March 2009

prize “Salvatore Barchi, young promise of theatre”

first prize “Sonaglio d’argento”

with the play “Diario di carta” directed by Enzo Biscardi and loosely based on“1984” by G.Orwell

international festival “Il teatro va a scuola”

Castelnovo ne’ monti, Emilia Romagna, Italy